Freedom from the ordinary

Design led handmade furniture

I’m Ben and I love designing stuff. Doesn’t matter what it is; chairs, plant stands, sofas, tables, workstations, shelves, if you can imagine it, I can almost certainly design and make it for you. My favourite material is wood, with metal coming a close second, and crafting them individually, or together has produced some of the pieces of which I’m most proud.

Imagine. I wonder if you can

Whether you have a full blown vision of what you want, or just a fuzzy feel for what you’re trying to achieve, my mission is to work with you to make it a reality. You’ll enjoy a truly personal service, from the initial meet to explore your concept, through design ideas tailored to your brief, to the delivery of the finished piece, I’ll keep you regularly updated on progress, working always to your agreed budget and timescale.

It’s fitted furniture; but not as we know it

I started on the journey of designing and making furniture, because my first place had little space and I had even less money, so I had to create furniture to fit around both. Now, if you have an awkward corner, a tight space or large blank wall, I can create you a statement piece that’ll fit like an old glove, whilst enhancing the whole look and feel of your room. To have a chat about your idea, give me a call, my number’s 07855 138297

Recycle. Reclaim. Reimagine.

Whenever I can, I prefer to use reclaimed woods and metals, turning unloved items destined for the scrapheap or someone’s bonfire, into a new, functional, and ultimately much-loved part of your home or workspace. Some of my weirder projects have included tables made from old cast iron radiators, and plant stands and shelving units fashioned from discarded copper piping. Like I say, if you can imagine it, I can create it.

Alternatively, if you have an old bit of furniture hanging around, that you can’t quite find a place for any longer, or that has outlived its usefulness, then why not talk to me about using it to design you a whole new, bespoke piece? I recently made two lounge chairs for instance, one from an old mahogany wardrobe, the other from some disused drawers. Take a look.


So if any of this sounds like your cup of tea, give me a shout on 07855 138297 The kettle’s always on